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Class times

School Office Hours

The school office opens at 8.00am and closes at 3.30pm.

Arrival at school

Students are not to arrive at school prior to 8.00 am. Students who arrive at school before 8.00 am sit under B block until the bell rings at 8.00 am. Staff cannot be responsible for the care and well-being of students who arrive at school before this time. For this reason, it is not advisable for children to arrive at school earlier than necessary. Students who arrive at school before this time should be enrolled at our Outside School Hours Care program.

The school day

​Time ​Bell​

​Bell for students to be released from under B block.

​Students may play on sealed areas between A, B and D blocks.

​Students may visit the library.​

8.35am Bell for students to move to classrooms to get ready for school.
​8.40am ​Bell for start of first session.

Bell for start of first break.

Move to eating areas​.

10.55am​ Bell for students to be released from eating areas.​

​Bell to signify first break will end in five minutes.

Move to classrooms.

11.30am​ ​Bell for start of middle session.
1.10pm​ Bell for start of second break.​

Bell to signify second break will end in five minutes​.

Move to classrooms
​1.30pm ​Bell for start of afternoon session.
2.40pm​ ​Bell for end of school day.

At dismissal

Children should leave the grounds promptly after dismissal from class.

Parents collecting children should do so before 2.50pm. Any children still on the school grounds after this time should be collected from the administration office. Staff accepts no responsibility to supervise children after 2.50pm. Parents who are unable to meet this requirement are to use Jabiru Outside School Hours Care.